A Worthy Chronicle

by Randall Scott

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This album chronicles a specific time in my life that I believe is worth sharing.


released October 5, 2011

Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Schaaff
Everything else by Randall Scott




Randall Scott Long Beach, California

I love music. Here is some of mine. Thanks for coming by.

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Track Name: We met and it was great
The night I met her I was printing t-shirts
she walked up with her brother and his girl
4th and Cherry was the first place we cruized
that was on the 24th of June
tell me your story, and I will tell you mine
she bought my iced tea, she is so kind
the sun settled down as we talked about life

I rode a scooter down Westminster Avenue
she pulled up next to me in her car
she invited me to dinner later that night
she made chicken if I remember correctly
vegetables too
we drank wine and we talked
into the early morning hours

4am, with hot chocolate,
on a park bench, staring at the sky
meteor shower tonight
“I think I saw one!”
“Maybe not”
this meteor shower is such a crock
but I still enjoyed our time, staring at the sky

that settles it, I’m sold
you’re the coolest woman I have ever known
you’re kind to those around you
you’re loving, and you care
you’re incomparable because you are so rare
pardon me, may I be bold?
you’re the most gorgeous human I’ve ever known
from your perfect eyes, down to your perfect feet
I like you
and it’s not very hard to see
Track Name: The good times
We sat at your table and drank wine
out of all the chairs you knelt next to mine
I touched you on the face,
we shared a long embrace
I kissed your lips

We sat out on the stairs
talk of Quail and setting sail
conversations on your couch
candied apples on our mouths
a hanging spider dies
under watchful eyes
the straight and narrow
“me and my arrow”
Jr. Marley and goodbyes
I couldn’t forget that night if I tried
potato tacos and 40 oz. of booze
you encouraged me then we watched “The Cruise”
walking down the street
the strangers we would meet
The photo of the skeleton house
hangs on your wall so proud

Eating lunches on Sunday afternoons
when Herman died I tried to comfort you
donuts and coffee before we went to work
being with you when your arm was hurt
the shirt you bought me from the thrift store
if it fit me I know that I would wear it more
your tangled hair like sunshine through the leaves
we made plans to someday live in trees
I'm struck with amazement
because this feels like a dream
but I know it’s reality
Track Name: Razzle dazzle
I’ll be your Razzle if you’ll be my Dazzle
I’ll stay with you through the night
I will protect you as long as I’m able
I’ll love you with all my might
Track Name: She just stopped speaking
It all happened so quickly
she just stopped speaking
she doesn’t enjoy talking to me anymore
it’s exhausting
she just wants to be left alone

I’m sorry for what I’ve done
I wish that I could undo it
but even with what I’ve done
this path shouldn’t lead to ruin
even through this pain wrought time
my words still stand true
I said what I meant and I meant what I said
In the note crisscrossed with blue

I still contend for the goodness and worth
of the one who bid me adieu
but I cannot believe treatment like this
could come from the person I knew
I know I’ve seen you before
yet my gaze is not met when I walk through the door
now I know how it feels to be the one who wants to

No matter how much heartache or pain
our time together was not spent in vain
there is a place that is saved in my heart
no matter how long we are apart
I spoke my love out loud
love was spoken back to me
I can only hope
that it meant what it meant to me
Track Name: And there was sadness and confusion
And there was sadness and confusion
it attacked me like I have never felt
at times it was so intense
that it would cause the very sun to melt

the sadness and confusion
slowly turned into anger and ill-will

and I sank deep into bitterness and self-pity

there was no light at the end of the tunnel
for I had shut my eyes completely
Track Name: 3 months
It has almost been 3 months since you spoke to me
I thought it was just for a time
but I still find myself sittin' alone

I wrote you a letter darlin'
did you happen to read it?
I said I was sorry for how I treated you
I hope you know I’m serious

you are always on my mind
so i can’t keep from wondering
I have not ceased to exist
yet you ignore me totally

Your name is always on my lips when I am praying
I cannot cease to care for you
my love just isn’t ending

Now it’s no secret that I’m broken
I’ve left my baggage out in the open
I was a fool and it hurt you
so all that’s left to say is that I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I hope you can forgive me

My prayer is this:
God, bring your reconciliation
into this broken relation
restore it, and glorify yourself
be the only explanation
impart upon us your wisdom
and may passion rule our search for you
the hope of reconciliation